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Six open Research Topics in Frontiers in Pediatric Psychology: Call for papers

The following Research Topics are currently open for submission in Frontiers in Pediatric Psychology, a new specialty journal launched in December 2021 (Impact Factor = 4.232; Q1):

Telehealth Assessment and Intervention in Pediatric Psychology

Editors | Serena Grumi, Sari Ahlqvist-Bjorkroth

Deadline | July, 31 2022

The Importance of the Body-Mind Relationship in Mental Functioning and Development of Body-Focused Disorders in Adolescence

Editors | Stefania Cella, Paolo Cotrufo, David Le Breton

Deadline | August, 31 2022

Risk and Protective Factors, Family Environment and (A)typical Neurodevelopmental Outcomes

Editors | Valentina Riva, Giorgia Bussu, Livio Provenzi

Deadline | September, 30 2022

Mental Health in Children and Adolescents with a Refugee Background

Editors | Elisa Pfeiffer, Ilse Derluyn, Cedric Sachser

Deadline | December, 7 2023

New Approaches to Study the Social Brain in Paediatric Populations

Editors | Gabriela Markova, Isabelle Mueller, Bradley Ferguson

Deadline | December, 31 2022

The Changed Life: How COVID-19 Affected People's Psychological Well-being, feelings, thoughts, behavior, relations, language, and communication

Editors | Ramona Bongelli, Alessandra Fermani, Daniela Raccanello, Rob Hall, Ilaria Riccioni, Morena Muzi, Roberto Burro

Deadline | January, 26 2023


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