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Hurry up with submissions: Only 15 days left!

Dear colleagues,

if you are involved in research on risk and protective factors associated with early development and if you are engaged in studies assessing the behavioral and biological correlates of both animal models and human developmental trajectories, please consider that time is running out!

Submissions of papers to the research topic "Risk and protective factors associated with early adversity and development: Evidence from Human and Animal Research" - co-hosted by Frontiers in Psychology and Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience - are still open until December, 15th. Original papers as well as reviews, methods, protocols and viewpoints are welcome to rigorous peer-review on these forefront journals in psychology and neuroscience.

[...] a limited amount of literature is also revealing that early care experiences might be protective for the biological, behavioral and cognitive development of the offspring, potentially through an association with counterbalancing effects at the level of the same biochemical and environmental mechanisms and processes associated with early adversities. Evidence of such a protective effect of early intervention is supported by studies focused on environmental enrichment in animal models as well as on caregiving support and parental sensitivity in human infants and children.

Submissions received to date have really catched the issue of integrating clinical work and biological research and they are contributing to our knowledge of the biochemical mechanisms involved in the embedding of early experiences - for bad and for good - into developmental trajectories and phenotypes. Two recently pubslihed papers integrate (a) early intervention and neurocognitive outcomes in mice (Ranger et al., 2018) as well as (b) maternal caregiving behavior, behavioral regulation and resting-state brain activity in human infants (Hanford et al., 2018).

Me and co-editors, Rosario Montirosso and Ed Tronick, really look forward to receiving your contributions.

All the best


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