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Serena Grumi awarded with Starting Grant 2019 from the Italian Ministry of Health

It is a pleasure to communicate that dr. Serena Grumi - post-doc researcher in my lab - has been awarded with the Starting Grant 2019 fund from the Italian Ministry of Health.

The grant supports a 3-year project - namely, Supporting Parenting at Home: Empowering Rehabilitation through Engagement (SPHERE) - that aims to supporting parents of children with neurodevelopmental disabilities through the application of an on-line video-feedback intervention.

The SPHERE project is warranted to produce evidence on early parenting interventions' efficacy and will help to reduce inequalities in healthcare access for families

The SPHERE project will promote the health and well-being of families of children with special health care needs. Moreover, we will acquire insights on the effectiveness of such an early intervention for family-centered rehabilitation. This on-line intervention is meant to reduce the resources needed to deliver and to participate to video-feedback interventions, thus benefiting both the families and the hospital. Finally, the SPHERE project will reduce inequalities in child healthcare access for families who live far from the city hospitals and from advanced rehabilitation centers.

Congratulations Serena!

Now we have work to do ;)

Want to know more about this project?

Follow the SPHERE here.

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