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Call for papers - Frontiers in Psychology and Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience

A new call for papers for a Research Topic is open in Frontiers in Psychology and Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience. The call is entitled Risk and Protective Factors Associated with Early Adversity and Development: Evidence from Human and Animal Research and it is edited by Rosario Montirosso and me (0-3 Center for the at-Risk Infant, Scientific Institute IRCCS Eugenio Medea, Bosisio Parini, Italy) together with Ed Tronick (Department of Psychology, University of Massachusetts, Boston MA, USA).

Recent advances in developmental sciences are deepening our knowledge of the mechanisms involved in how early experiences get under the skin and contribute to the long-lasting programming of an individual's developmental trajectory

This call is meant to bring together researchers who are interested in the different processes linking early exposures to adverse and protective environments with individual differences in developmental outcomes. As recent advances in developmental neuroscience and psychobiology are contributing to highlight the mechanisms (for example, epigenetic mechanisms, telomere length regulation, and others) through which early adversities are embedded into the developing phenotype of an individual, we felt that there is an ethical need to provide high-quality, systematic and multi-faceted view of the effects that both adverse and protective experiences exert on individuals' developmental trajectories.

As such, we encourage any of you who have relevant data contributing to our knowledge of the behavioral, biological, physiological, and neurological mechanisms linking early environmental exposures with developmental outcomes to apply for this call. As research in this field is rapidly growing, different insights can be obtained from human research and animal models, so that a scientific sound dialogue among researchers in human and animal scientific research is needed. As such, research on human subjects and/or animal models is welcome.

Please, fell free to contact me for further info.

The deadline for submission is September, 21st 2018.

You can find the full call for paper here and Frontiers authors' guidelines here.

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