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Multiple projects are currently ongoing at the dpb lab. These projects are meant to help us achieving a better understanding of early human development in typical and atypical conditions, including preterm birth, low vision, neurodevelopmental disorders. Thanks to these projects we will be able to be progressively more and more capable of supporting families to support child growth and development.

If you are the parent of a 0-to-3 year-old little scientist, you can participate in our projects by scanning the QR code below or writing to us at 


Scan the code to take part in the dpb lab projects!

Nuoto Astronaut


We are searching for little scientists between 3 and 24 months, together with their parents. We will propose different projects according to the age of your child.


The majority of our projects takes place at the Mondino Foundation (via Mondino 2, Pavia). Some projects can be also done online, from home.


As we get in contact, we will decide together the day and timing that fits your agenda.

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